Tuesday, November 9, 2010

F*** You Call of Duty Black Ops!!!

So as some of you females may already know Call of Duty Black ops came out last night. And for any of you females out there with boyfriends, I am sure most of your men have picked up or plan to pick the new game up as soon as possible.
I had the unfortunate luxury of witnessing the gaming madness last night, here's the story:
So my boyfriend cant drive in the dark right now until he gets his contacts, so he told me months in advance he wanted me to take him to the midnight release of the game. So we went to Game Stop at 10 p.m. (keep in mind the game wasn't being released until 12 a.m.) and the line was already forming around the building! UGH! So I decide to sit in the car and my boyfriend calls me like 2 minutes later telling me there are two separate lines, one for paying for the game and getting a ticket, the other line is waiting to actually get the game which isn't available till 12. Well, what we ended up doing was he stood in line to pay for the game and then we went back home till 12 then came back, by the time we got back to game stop, the line was sooo long, like it was worse than the 4:30 a.m. Target line on black Friday. So again I waited in the car while he stood in this ridiculously long line for a mere video game...
He finally got his game and he popped it in the Xbox as soon as he got home like a little kid on Christmas, lol. I went to bed because I had school in the morning, but there really wasn't a reason to stay up anyway considering I wouldn't be getting any attention from my boyfriend for the rest of the night. Good thing I prepared for this day and I made sure I got mine in early that day before he got his game and forgot I totally existed....
Today being the day after my boyfriend recieved his game, it honestly hasnt been that bad (him ignoring me to play the game) He bought him & I lunch from Bojanlges, we sat and talked for a while and then he says to me "Crystal, I love you more than anything but I am about to play the game" I just looked at him and laughed...well at least I know im loved??? lol


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