Monday, November 15, 2010

Fallin off

Ugh again I'm fallen off my blogging all over again! I'm not gonna let this blog go to waste I have
tons of things I want to say and write about but life ugh it keeps getting in the way!! I honestly haven't even had time to study!
But anyway doe (Kat Stacks voice) lol, what's been going on with me? My younger sister is getting married on Friday, on Thursday I am throwing her a surprise bachelorette party and it's gonna be off the hook!! I made these cute little goody bags with bunches of dick type stuff! I got dick straws, dick whistles, dick suckers just tons of penis stuff haha.

Bunches if fun games and stuff its going to be off the hook lol ;-) then on top of that I got a surprise stripper for her and he is suupppppeeerrr cute like to die for cute!

Ugh well I'm sitting in my marketing class right now and my teacher is looking at me cause I'm just typing away on my iPhone, I'll make a couple more post tonight when I get home from work :-)

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