Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last night

So I don't know what was up last night!? Was it a full moon, were the stars aligned in a certain way last night that my boyfriend wants to go to bed early which he never does then sit up & talk me to death all night long and start an argument!?
Ok so here is what happend:
My boyfriend and I were laying in bed quietly and I was slowly falling asleep when he started asking me questions about my sisters wedding. My sister getting married has been an ongoing problem with alot of people because she is only 16, beautiful, and her boy friend or fiance is quite bummy and had gotten my sister pregnant and was fuckin another girl while he was fuckin my sister raw! So yea alot of people don't support the idea of them getting married except my parents, because they say no matter how much we tell her how hard it's going to he, she has to learn her own lessons and suffer her own consequences.
But anywho back to my boyfriend, so we're laying in bed and he starts asking me questions like "so who is all going to the wedding?" "do you support it?" "well why are you throwing her a bachelorette party?" "how can they invite mikes (my sisters fiance, not his real name, I'm not going to put real names in my blogs) step mom but not her daughter?"
before I go any further let me tell you what makes the situation more fucked up is that mikes step moms daughter has been one of my boyfriends good friend for years...and I can't stand the bitch and her ghetto, whore ass friends. They have tried so many times to break us up and her bitch ass whore ass best friend sent him naked pics! I had serious thoughts of killing the naked pic sending bitch during that point in my life. And then when my sister started dating mike and she would go over there house, they would make little smart remarks to her and be dumb fugly whore ass bitches like they are so of course them tricks weren't invited to my sisters wedding! My boyfriend is still cool with them but he doesn't fuck with them that much anymore after all the drama them bitches caused.
And on top if all that to make mire shit fucked up is mike doesn't like my boyfriend because my bf didn't speak to him the first time they met and he felt disrespected...and my bf doesn't like mike because he knows what type of guy Tony is and he sees right through his bs.
But anyway doe (kat stacks voice) like I was saying, he was asking me all these questions about her wedding and I kept telling him the same thing over and over again, I don't like the fact she is getting married so young and that's she will have to struggle but I have told her and my family how I feel about it, and that's basically all I can do, if my parents support her decision and my sister knows what heartache she is about to go trough and she accepts that and she is still happy then I'll be happy and support her decision even though I know it's gonna be hard for her! I just want her to be happy and if she is happy in the moment then I'm gonna let he live in the fuckin moment! And yes imm gonna throw her a fuckin bachelorette party! Like I don't know why he just could not understand it!? And after a while I was questioning myself whether or not i was actually wrong for supporting my sister and her crazy decision. But I mean it's just like if I had a son or daughter and they were gay and wanted to get married to there partner, I wouldn't want my son to be gay but I would want my son to be happy so I would tell him how I felt about it but I would still love him just the same even though I really wouldn't condone the wedding I would still go and support him because that's what love is? Right? I know marriage at 16 is a little more extreme case but I kept trying to tell him, she's not my daughter, she's my sister so I can't stop her from getting married!? Then he had the nerve to say "I don't even know if I want to have kids with you anymore because your too lenient"! it hurt my feelings so bad! I KNOW I will be a good mother! And I tried to explain to him that yea my family has some fucked up values when it comes to my sister but I know how I was raised and I have seen my families flaws and when I raise my family I know what values not to take from my parents and put in my family and I know what values to install in my kids to make my own family better thy what mine was growing up.?!
Ugh it was a ruff fyckin night then he also went into how I was mean and I talk to people ant kind if way!? Like WTF!? I work at a fuckin bank I know how to keep my mouth closed with certain people but yea when I get with my friends I will speak my mind whether they like it or not!? Ugh I just felt like WTF is it hate on crystal day?! Damn! I don't what got into him but it really hurt my feelings and then he said he still loves & cares about me and that he was just telling me all this not to argue but to see where my head was at or something like that because he doesn't like my family for other issues (that will be a whole new blog post) and he just doesn't understand out of all the problems my mom has put me through and almost fuckin up our relationship many times before and just saying me shit to me when she gets in her moods.
Ugh it was just a super long night and I woke up super tired because I hadn't got any rest! My eyes were super baggy and when my bf came home from work he thought I had been crying because my eyes were so droopy so instead of going to class this morning I just slept in and I'm still tired but I have a busy night ahead of me getting everything ready for my sisters bachelorette party tomorrow! ;-)

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