Wednesday, November 24, 2010

that female gut feeling...

ok so last night I got super busy and didn't get a chance to blog :( before I go into detail about my sisters wedding, I want to get some pics from it so I will blog about that later, let's go into detail about my boyfriend meeting up with his ex girlfriend behind my back.
So I left to go to new bern for my sisters wedding last Thursday, I called my boyfriend periodically through the day to check up on him and what not, around 7:00 p.m I called him and he said he had just came back from the gym that he was about to take a shower and go hang out and get something to eat with his guy friend Desmond. well I told him I'll call him later and he said that was fine and that if he didn't answer he would call me right back in the next couple of minutes. well he called me again an like 7:30 for no reason Which I thought was weird but I didn't pay it any mind I talked to him for a minute then he told Me Desmond was calling him so we hung up. I felt like something just wasnt right??? he was being way to nice and he never calls me back to back like that, then I started thinking about how he lied to me before telling me he was going to dinner with his friend kb but he was really going to this whore bitch clarissa bday party! so after remembering that I called him around answer. I waited 5 minutes and he didn't call back so I looked at his phone records to see who was the last person he had talked to and it was Emily and this time It was different because they never talk on the phone only txt and it was a 1 minute phone call so that signaled to me that she called him to say "hey I'm here" or "hey in outside" also i didnt see where he had talked to desmond at all so of course I call him again..still no answer so I txt him telling him to call me asap well I call Desmond and ask is he with Josh...and he wasn't so at this point I am going crazy and filled with anger!! so I txt him some bs saying his car alarm isn't working so call me back asap and I get my friend to go over my house and see what he is doing, well he never calls me back and my friend calls me back and says he was home by himself with his nightclothes on...then right after that he calls me and says he was sleeping what did I want...I let it go for the moment and told him I kept calling because his car alarm wouldn't cut off but I finally got it off and to just call me when he gets up or whatever.

so there is so much more to this story but I have to go back to work so I'll finish the rest later today, but tell me what you think so far!?

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  1. He probably was home by himself but then you never know