Saturday, December 18, 2010

SMFH thirsty tricks

OK so I know it has been a while and I am trying my best to keep up! so anywho, as most of you college students reading my blog may know this semester is now over!! woohooo last week I took the last of my exams and now I have my mornings free to sleep late, cook breakfast, clean the house all before I go to work! I love it!
So lets see, whats been going on, my sister had her Dr appointment for her pregnancy on the 16th which was her birthday, and she found out she is 7 months pregnant, and she got a little ultrasound picture and my niece, or nephew looks like a little peanut. lol they told her that after the 7th week the baby will double in size. So im kinda excited for that!
So as far as drama that seems to be never ending in my life, one of my boyfriends old friends named Ronsha (they were like brothers and sisters before the beef between her and i) anywho before I tell you what happened let me go way back to when the drama started. A while ago, probably the beginning of this year I found where ronsha friend clarissa sent my boyfriend naked pics to his e-mail. I wrote something mean on Clarissa Facebook page and after that all her ghetto ghetto friends, including ronsha started writing mean stuff about me on my boyfriends Facebook age of how he should get rid of me, im know good, bladhdy blahddy blah. My boyfriend told Ronsha that if he had to choose between me or them he would choose me so to leave me alone. That pissed her off but then she laid off for a while with her smart ass comments. But every once in a while she would write something mean or smart about me on my boyfriends facebook statuses. What is crazy about the whole situation is that I only didnt like clarissa because she sent my boyfriend naked pics. I never had a problem with Ronsha. but for some reason she made me her problem and got so rapped up in me that any chance she could she would try to say something mean about me on my boyfriends page like he is suppose to agree or something. For a whole year I tried to ignore all her comments and tried to be the bigger person and kill the trick with kindness. So recently I started following her on twitter. the very first day i decided to follow her on twitter she tried to call me out in a tweet stating I followed her then unfollowed her...which i didnt do, i was very much still following her and I told her that...instead of writing what was said i am going to post the whole twitter confrontation lmbo. then tell me what you think?!

So as you can see the trick kept trying to make herself look like bigger person when she started everything but thats what she is good at. She talks all her shit on the computer then one someone decides to confront her about it she act like she did nothing wrong and she is just too good to argue. But I was just so sick of putting up with her bullshit when I never had a problem with her in the first place that i felt she needed to put back in her place. also this trick is only like 4 ft 5 a little short midget and I believe that is a reason why she is such and online gangster because she saw me on thanksgiving and just ignored me lol but she acts all big and bad on the computer. dumb trick and she never tried to talk to me in private but one time and thats when I didnt have a problem with her but with her friend clarissa. What I look like callin you when you have a problem with me?.....I could give two fucks if you dont like me but when all you do is talk shit im gonna set your ass straight. hmph. the only thing I didnt like about this whole mess was I felt like it made me look gangster or hood and i am know where near it haha but I will always stand up for myself no matter who it is and whenever I see her again I will confront her because I want to make sure my name never comes out her mouth wrong again ;-) 

Anyways there is more that has gone on since my last post because like I said before there is always drama following me unfortunately :/


  1. well I think if she made it a point to have an issue with you then you should have unfollowed her. Whats the point of following someone who makes sly remarks about you to your bf? I also think it was a bit kiddy to keep going back and forth with her. YOu coulda killed her with kindness by ignoring her. Thats just my opinion

  2. l believe that you shouldn't waste your energy on people like that. Since she has been writing negative comments about you on your boyfriend's fb page he should delete her from his friends on fb because you don't need negative energy like that in your life. You should also unfollow her ass on twitter because a wise person once told me 'what other people say or think of u is none of your business'. You continue to do u and don't worry about people who feel threatened by u. I'm sure u got big and better problems to worry yourself with than dumb people like that. That's just my two cents.

  3. Thanks guys! @blissfully numb I tried to kill her with kindness for almost a year but she just kept pickin and picking I do agree though that I should have never decided to follow her in the first place. I just felt at that moment I was so tored of het bs I had to say somethin and I think that I still might actually confront her when I see her face to face just to shake her up a little bit.

    @yollie27 after the twitter incident she deleted him & me from her fb because while we were going back and forth on fb she txt him saying "get your girl she's communicating threats". But he just wrote back "that's not my problem" abd that pissed her off but I had already discussed the problem with him and he also saw that Ronsha had a problem and was always saying sonethimng mean about me even after I have tried my best to be nice and respectful.