Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ugh what now!?

Hello my blogger dolls, so it hasn't even been a month since my sis has been married and now she is prejudge, yep I have a beautiful sister who is 16, married & pregnant! :/ sucks! I live her so much and I want to see her succeed and become someone! She is rushing in to things way to fast, she has no job and her husband works part tine at ihop on top of all that they are living at my moms house in her bedroom! What kind of fucked up fairy tale is that! Ugh when I found out I was flabbergasted because earlier this year she had got prego and I thought ok she made a mistake but I support her, now I'm like I think she was trying to get pregnant! Ugh it just pissed me off but she has to suffer the consequences of her own mistakes!

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  1. wow,those are major decisions she had made... But with God on her side all will end well.

  2. Thanks :) I hope and pray all ends well because I don't want to see her have to struggle, I want her to be happy and living comfortably. But the lord does everything for a reason so maybe this will turn out to be good for her, we never know :)